Toys For Troops

Every year a group of golfers organize a golf outing on Parris Island in an effort to support the local Beaufort County bases. Over the past ten years they have collected numerous gifts for the military children during the holidays. This year, Operation Patriots FOB has partnered up with them to help provide even more support. All monetary donations will go directly to the families of Parris Island Recruit Depot, the Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort and the Naval Hospital Beaufort. Working in conjunction with only these three entities, all donations are guaranteed to stay right here in Beaufort County. This year in particular, with the added strain of COVID19, military families have experienced significantly more stress. Our goal is to have the community come together to provide relief to our military families during this holiday season.

Our goal is to raise $5,000 to present to our local military families for the holidays. All money raised will be presented to the families in the form of a gift card that can be used for them to purchase needed items at their local Commissary and PX. These families provide so much support to not only Beaufort County but our country as a whole. Taking away some of the burden of financial strains during the holidays is one way we can help show our appreciation and support for all that they do.