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Operation Patriots FOB

Our mission as an organization is dedicated to creating and fostering positive experiences for Combat Veterans by connecting through outdoor and recreational activities. We create an alliance through peer engagement in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

Each and every Combat Veteran has a purpose beyond their call of duty. We are committed to helping them find it.


Passion Creates


We provide Veterans with new and exciting opportunities that open the door to a fresh new mindset and outlook on life.

Experiences that


Our recreational outdoor activities provide a new lens for Veterans to see the bright future ahead of them.

Loyalty that


By establishing a kinship among Veterans, we will help to forge a powerfully dynamic bond among their newfound brothers.

You Can Be
the Change

To make a difference in the lives of our country’s Combat Veterans, we are counting on people like you. People who are willing to make a commitment to them, as they have done countless times for us. Your donation will make it possible for these Combat Veterans to experience irreplaceable opportunities; as well as providing them with loyal, lifelong relationships.

Our patriots have served us, now it’s our turn to return the favor. Donate today.

Core Values

Empowering Veterans through peer engagement and outdoor recreational activities.


Reigniting the sense of camaraderie that was created throughout a Veteran’s service.


Discovering exciting new experiences that open up the mind and heart.


Positivity is contagious and we radiate it from the inside out.


Keeping our eyes on the prize and continuously striving for a better outcome.


Holding the highest respect for all those who have sacrificed for our country.


Steadfastly committed to serving the mental and physical health of all Combat Veterans.