Our Story

A Veteran

Returns Home

After serving 3 years in Iraq as a Marine and contractor, our Founder and Chairman, Roy Brown, JR, returned to his hometown after sustaining an injury during a training exercise in Baghdad. It was here where he learned that one of his childhood friends, Frank, had committed suicide. JR joined the Marine Corps right after high school, and he recruited Frank while on the delayed entry program. Unfortunately, this was the first of many experiences JR would have with Veteran suicide.


The Struggles

of a New Reality

JR dealt with his own PTSD struggles after returning home from war. He utilized the VA and participated in a variety of treatment plans, and even found a civilian psychologist that he was able to work with. But, being outside, whether it’s working, golfing, hunting, fishing, or shooting, has always provided JR the most relief to all of his stress and anxiety. Moreover, connecting with like-minded combat Veterans through outdoor activity to restore the camaraderie JR had throughout his years of deployments helped foster even more healing. These experiences and relationships have been proven to be the most therapeutic of all.

Over the past few years,

JR has lost more friends and co-workers to suicide than he lost during deployment. This is an unacceptable reality that we refuse to ignore.

Paving a new

Way Forward

OPFOB is creating a place for Veterans to come together, relax and have a good time with their brothers and sisters. A space where they feel accepted and are able to open up without doctors hovering over them trying to analyze the worst days of their lives with a textbook diagnosis. Instead we’re giving them the opportunity to regain that connection to the people who will understand the most and ask the least.

Our Intent

is to serve our local Veterans and their families every year through the variety of programs we will offer to save lives.

Our Plan

Our goal is to find a way to take these positive experiences and use them as a way to tailor a facility that other Veterans will be drawn to, giving them some relief from their daily struggles. The fact behind OPFOB is that these same activities and connections to people and the outdoors will also help other Veterans in need.

What it Costs

We are a volunteer-run BOARD AND ARE committed to providing these services to our Veterans, FIRST RESPONDERS, AND THEIR FAMILIES at no cost to them.


100% of Our Proceeds

go toward supporting our mission of helping Veterans and first responders. Additionally, we are local; your generous donations stay within our community and go to directly benefit our Veterans, first responders, and their families.

Average cost per day to host each Veteran: $1,500